A Time of Opportunity

We live in a time of great opportunity. Yes, it seems an overly optimistic viewpoint considering the atrocities across the globe. I don’t want to rehash the headlines, but this is a time of horrors. Every time we solve a problem or provide relief, two more accounts of evil are reported. It can seem never ending. How do we solve this global mess?




There is an ancient story of a horrible nine headed monster named Hydra. Hercules, the god of strength, was sent to slay the beast. He slashed off one of the nine heads only to watch two heads grow in its place. How do you slay a monster who regenerates? Hercules solved the problem by slicing off a head while his companion cauterized the wounds stopping regrowth. The main head was then buried under a really big rock.

Regrettably we do not have Team Hercules to slay our own Hydra. Our Hydra is vast and has many, many heads. Its heads take the form of bigotry, racism, torture, sexism, weapons, insecurity, hate, fear and greed.

So how do we slay this monster? How do we stop people from using their power to hurt others?

It will take many individuals using their strength and many different methods in order to slay this monster. The battles occur on an individual and global level. But we have an opportunity to cut off Hydra’s heads entirely. Because evil is exposing itself, because the monsters are showing their faces, we have an opportunity to stop them.




One method I am passionate about initiating is healing. I’m talking about emotional and psychological wounds. When someone has been hurt emotionally or physically, they may hurt others to protect themselves. Think of a caged animal fearing for its life. It will spit and hiss and scratch and bite in self preservation. But if we remove the emotional pain, there is no need to lash out.

Healing is a deep topic that I will continue to speak about, but I want to introduce the notion of healing as a method of resolving these atrocities. When you heal your inner wounds, you become a healer to someone else. And the spreading of inner healing could be a way of cauterizing Hydra’s heads so we can slay the monster.

We live in a time of opportunity. As the heads of Hydra become exposed, we can use inner healing to finish off Hydra completely. Shall we form Team Hercules?