Can Hollywood break out?

Can Hollywood break out out of the female molds it has created?

During the early days of film two female archetypes stood in contrast to each other: the Virgin and the Vamp. With the success of the Suffragette movement came a wider variety of female roles in film. In the 1930s women dominated the Box Office; women’s stories were being told and the public ate it up. Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Barbara Stanwyck, Norma Shearer, and Ginger Rogers had movie goers flocking to films. People wanted to see the stories of women. So why did they stop? Well, friends, they never did stop wanting it. Hollywood just stopped offering it.

So, can Hollywood once again give the public what they want to see?

Actress and Inventor, Hedy Lamarr

There is a rising plea for the stories of women, real women who struggle and endure and flourish. Hollywood gave the public these stories once upon a time and now we demand to see them again. And I want to make my voice heard. Female screenwriters, actresses, directors, costumers, grips are all rising up to tell stories, to tell women’s stories. I strive to support and watch and tell others about their efforts.

I believe Hollywood will break free of its archaic molds for female characters and show diverse, compelling and honest stories about women.

Which female characters have inspired or changed you?