Laura Holt

Today’s musing is dedicated to one of my first screen crushes, Private Investigator Laura Holt of the 1980s television show Remington Steele. As a twelve year old, I would sit in front of the TV with my friend Julie eating bowls of popcorn and oranges watching the afternoon showings. When the DVDs came out, I purchased every season and watched them all with relish. The strong female figure of Laura impacted me not only in a screen crush, but in the image of a working woman who had intelligence, smarts and cunning.



“Can you keep a secret?” Holt whispers in the show’s opening voice over, “The great detective Remington Steele, he doesn’t exist. I invented him”. What an opener! Marvelous, just marvelous. The premise of the show is as follows, Laura Holt invents a male superior to draw in clients because of she found people reluctant to hire a female private investigator. With an elusive and fictional boss, Laura performed all the detective work while making excuses for the boss’s lack of involvement becoming the most sought after P.I. in town.




And when an attractive man steps into the shoes of this elusive and fictional Remington Steele, Laura maintains the drive to work rather than falling at once into bed with him. The chemistry and banter between Steele and Holt make for a great TV pairing and the scrapes they get themselves into while investigating harken back to the slapstick comedies of the 1930s. Witty banter, classic hollywood references and eccentric under cover dilemmas make this show endearing and entertaining. In the 1980s, when strong female characters were few, this show highlighted a woman’s intelligence and integrity.


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