Marvel’s Agent Carter

Finally Marvel has a female front and center! I am thrilled that Hayley Atwell will be continuing her role as Peggy Carter for I adored her in Captain America. This Marvel spin off will hopefully prove that female centered stories do bring in the dough and will speed up other female centric productions. I am eager to see Agent Carter kicking up some dust once again! Take a look:

It looks like Peggy will be taking on misogyny as well as the baddies outfitted with her trademark witticisms and lipstick. Go girl, go!

The series will be aired in eight episodes starting on January 6th during the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ winter hiatus. According to the Marvel’s description of the first two episodes, Peggy Carter will be approached by old acquaintance Howard Stark (a role reprised by Dominic Cooper from ‘Captain America: First Avenger’) asking for help clearing his name after someone framed him for unleashing his deadliest weapons.


I am curious to see if they will write a true depiction of a female spy during WWII contributing to the greater good. There were real life female secret agents during WWII, after all. Will they reduce the character by fitting her into the stereotypes and flat characterization that has been typical of Hollywood since the belt buckle of the Hays Code came down in 1934? We shall have to watch and see.

You can watch the two hour premiere of Agent Carter on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 8pm ET on ABC.

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